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Blue Light

Communications for Police Fire and Ambulance


PMN have been instrumental in supporting mobile GSM communications for Voice, SMS and DATA to Command and Control vehicles in The UK, UAE and Australia.

Deploy rapidly and without connection to fixed infrastructure

The ability for a Command and Control vehicle to turn up at a major incident and set up a GSM communications network in less than 10 minutes allows all personnel to communicate locally over the Private GSM coverage and via Sip over satellite to the outside world in a secure and if needed encrypted way.

The PMN MSC is also capable of controlling who communicates and when giving Command Hierarchy preference. An important part of this will be how it carried out its processes at site and PMN Call Recording allows a full audit trail of commands and instructions over voice.

Important to note – PMN will work anywhere, anytime and everytime.

  • Send and request Voice / Data / SMS
  • Deploy rapidly and without connection to fixed infrastructure
  • resilience and interoperability, extending the reach of emergency services
  • Local management of mobile phone access
  • Seamless cellular communications coverage to deployed personnel
  • Coverage where and when conditions have rendered existing macro GSM Cellular networks inaccessible

Private Mobile Network

Replicating a 2G GSM/3G UMTS / 4G LTE Network in Software

Incident Vehicles

PMN Integrated into Specialist Vehicles

Mobile in Emergency Situations

Secure, Private Mobile Network Regardless of Macro Network Conditions