Addressing the communications requirements of Defence Organisations


As the leader in deployment of Private 2G GSM/ 3G UMTS/ 4G LTE with Agnostic RAN Integration, PMN are undoubtedly at the forefront of fulfilling Defence Communications Requirements for Voice, SMS and Data. This may be for a rapidly deployable communications network for use anywhere in the world to a base camp deployment requiring greater coverage.

All of which can be Land, Sea or Air based

The integration of optional RAN (Radio Access Network) manufacturers allows the PMN software to create a small precise coverage area to a large multi cell base camp with point to point capability measured in kilometres. Capable of being used with encrypted handsets PMN create a secure survivable Private Network with the option of SIP to connect to the outside world (via suitable backhaul – i.e. Satellite) and the ability to record all Voice and SMS.

  • Can locally switch calls or route through a backhaul connection
  • Amplifier options to further increase coverage
  • Only allow on authorised users
  • Optional encryption and security options
  • Can be integrated into existing radio technologies via partner solutions

Private Mobile Network

Replicating a 2G GSM/3G UMTS Network in Software.

Call Recording

Provide an audit trail of what was said for future review.

Portable Rapid Mobile Deployment

Preconfigured and Portable Solution

Secure GSM

Mobile Voice, SMS, and Data Fully Protected