DECT Substitution Cloud Based

DECT Substitution – Cloud Based

Delivering PMN Using the Software as a Service Model (SaaS)

Cloud Based

The PMN soft switch and the TeleWare telephony applications are available using the Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model. The switching and software applications are developed and hosted by us and then delivered to your business over the Internet or over our partner’s networks.

“Pico cells creating the cellular network are the only hardware that will be required on site”

Pico cells creating the cellular network are the only hardware that will be required on site. Cloud Based Service customers do not pay for owning the systems, but for using them. Cloud Based Services for creating a PMN are known as Private Mobile Extensions (PME) and are provided from the TeleWare highly resilient platforms housed in secure remote locations. They provide business critical level of service, the level of service one expects of their telecommunications supplier.

Hosting reduces or removes the issues of installation and support and the costs associated with an on-premise solution, delivering a smooth call handling experience that will leave you to get on with running your business.

Our Private Mobile Extension (services are delivered from a multi-tenanted architecture that can be readily scaled to meet future needs as your business changes. Through our sales partners you can activate, change and extend the service, when needed, with no manual intervention by your network provider and, therefore, no delays in provisioning.

With the wealth of mobile device choice out there the customer can select the correct hardware for the job function of the user, whether they require basic functionality, smartphone capabilities, IP rated through to intrinsically safe. With a PMN SIM inserted into the device and the SIM details entered into PMN admin the user is ready to go, Dual SIM devices allow the user to retain his macro service whilst adding in the benefit of being part of PMN whilst onsite.


  • Secure Hosted Private GSM
  • Onsite Voice/SMS and DATA
  • Cloud Based SIP support for IP PBX integration
  • GSM device dependant
  • Cloud Based Private GSM Network
  • Inbound call routing management i.e. IVR and voicemail options


  • Minimises Data Cabling compared to DECT. 1 to 4 ratio for cell coverage
  • Reduced CAPEX
  • Extend your services as your business grows
  • Any GSM device – low cost to intrinsically safe smart phone or tablet.
  • DATA allows optional access to onsite IP services and www
  • IoT/M2M for GSM enabled devices – smoke detectors/smart meters/telemetry units
  • Cost savings and control of users
  • Requires no on-premise IP PBX

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