Secure Mobile Calls

Secure Mobile Calls

Mobile Voice, SMS, and Data Fully Protected


In certain scenarios making secure encrypted Mobile calls is of primary importance, no matter what industry or business you are in. Although carrier networks have inherent ciphering algorithms to provide over-the-air communication privacy, there is a requirement within some business, governmental and military organisations for additional security for voice communications.

The PMN solution supports secure encryption devices, including Sectéra, Tripleton, GSMK and CellCrypt app.

PMN have incorporated support for a number of commercially available secure encryption devices, including the Sectéra GSM handset from General Dynamics, the Tripleton Enigma and the GSMK Cryptophone. Other secure encryption methods and devices are available and can be supported, subject to requirements.

Using this additional layer of encryption PMN is capable of ensuring that mobile Voice, SMS, and Data is fully protected. The technology is based on commercially available published and well-researched encryption algorithms.

PMN Encryption Support

Although Mobile networks have inherent ciphering algorithms to provide over-the-air communication privacy there is a requirement within certain business, governmental and military organisations where additional security for voice communication is required.

PMN have incorporated support for a number of commercially available secure, encryption devices including General Dynamics Sectéra GSM handset, Tripleton Enigma and GSMK Cryptophone. Other secure, encryption methods and devices are available and can be supported subject to requirements.

Encryption devices generate a Circuit Switched Data (CSD) call, rather than a standard voice call, which utilises a ‘transparent’ 9600 kbps Unrestricted Digital Information mode that allows the compressed, encrypted voice to be transmitted as raw ‘modem’ data between devices.

General Dynamics Sectéra GSM handset

The Sectéra GSM handset provides end-to-end high assurance secure voice and data communications for private and commercial GSM wireless networks operating in the 900/1800/1900 MHz bandwidths worldwide.

The Sectéra Secure handset, which can also be used as a regular GSM phone, is the only CESG approved handset at this time that can provide encrypted, secure voice communication for UK military and governmental use on private and commercial GSM networks. The US National Security Agency (NSA) has also certified the secure phone’s ability to protect information classified Top Secret and below for authorized U.S. Government personnel.

The NATO Military Committee has also approved the Sectéra Secure Wireless GSM for the encryption of all levels of NATO classified information. Find out more.

Tripleton Enigma Secure Handset

Built & designed in close cooperation with T-Systems/T-TeleSec, the security division of Deutsche Telekom in Germany. The Tripleton® Enigma provides strong end-to-end encryption for voice communication on the standard GSM networks using the raw data-service capabilities of the GSM network and state-of-the-art cryptographic technology. The hardware and software components of the Tripleton Enigma have been built to meet the most stringent government and military security requirements. Tripleton Enigma can operate as a secure crypto phone or as a normal GSM mobile. In secure mode, it is possible to communicate with other Tripleton Enigma devices, or with land-line telephones equipped with LineCrypt (Tripleton ISDN telephone encryption device). Find out more.

GSMK Cryptophone

The GSMK Cryptophone is a lightweight quad-band handset that offers full voice and SMS secure call encryption. In addition, the handset also incorporates a secure storage area for sensitive contacts and messages.

All calls are encrypted with 256-bit keys using AES and Twofish running as counter mode stream ciphers. Using both algorithms provides a much stronger design than using only one algorithm. For the highly unlikely case that a weakness is discovered in one of the algorithms, the use of the second algorithm still provides a sufficient margin of security. This provision of a “fall back” within the crypto-system is a unique feature of the CryptoPhone. Outside of secure mode the Cryptophone offers full Smartphone capabilities within a Windows Mobile Environment. Find out more.