The one thing we all wish for is to Stay Healthy


Hospitals, Surgeries and Care Homes are key to supporting the ever increasing population young and old.

Communications are key to providing first class services on the Estates offering these facilities often involving many buildings of many types over large areas.

PMN offers a Private GSM Voice, SMS and DATA network using GSM Picocells which are often integrated into a DAS system to give complete coverage across the Estate and for all users.

GSM handsets can be provided or more commonly BYOD are now connected to the PMN network registering to the PMN MSC as an extension to the Corporate IP PBX via SIP.

Offering a solution that supports Acute and Primary Care processes whist at the same time protecting the people that work in this very sensitive sector supporting the public.

  • Care and Cure Application/device integration – (Nurse call systems/ messaging/ lanyards/ alarms/ door entry)
  • Integrate with the local PBX
  • Single wireless communications system
  • Standard SIP protocols
  • Ease-of-contact and call distribution capabilities
  • Communications flexibility to support rapidly changing requirements in the business
  • Logs and CDR’s kept to ensure accurate reporting of events
  • Optional call recording

Private Mobile Network

Replicating a 2G GSM/3G UMTS / 4G LTE Network in Software

DECT substitution on premise

Quality Voice Communications for People Away from their Desks

Call Recording

Provide an audit trail of what was said for future review