Maritime, Oil, Gas & Mining

Maritime, Oil, Gas & Mining

Private GSM, UMTS and LTE Networks for Voice, SMS and DATA with or without connections to the outside world.


With the ever increasing terrorist threat it has become increasingly important for businesses to ensure its staff (Heath and Safety) and assets are protected from such threats.

PMN can deliver a Private GSM, UMTS or LTE network on board any Maritime Vessel (Ships/Rigs) and Land Based remote Oil, Gas and Mining sites.

Allowing secure Voice, SMS and DATA communications with a SIP interconnect over satellite. Staff and Crew can be secure in the knowledge of being able to contact each other on ship or shore and transfer important DATA based information to and from HQ (Risk, performance, fault, order, updates etc). This enhances areas which are important to these sites such as Perimeter Security and through applications such as Video Streaming and Call Recording providing 24/7 support.

  • Choice of ATEX approved handsets
  • Pico cells allow for dedicated coverage pockets, rather than the entire site if not appropriate
  • Integrate with local or remote SIP PBX

Private Mobile Network

Replicating a 2G GSM/3G UMTS Network in Software.

Call Recording

Provide an audit trail of what was said for future review.


Machine 2 Machine using SIM based technologies.