Remote Locations

Remote Locations

Generically describing a location where public communications are minimal or non existent


Everyone would like to communicate in those areas where public services do not allow.

PMN can offer 2G, 3G and LTE Voice, SMS and DATA network which can be connected via SIP over satellite or other point to point hardware to the outside world. And with systems that can be deployed in under 10 minutes.

From a Humanitarian point of view PMN are supporting teams of First Responders with a 2G, 3G or LTE system in the worst disaster scenarios one could imagine. First Responder communications being a small part of the overall Humanitarian Aid package which could include Potable Water, Solar Power, Tents, Blankets and Food. There is a simple goal – to help Humanitarian Aid Workers save and support survivors.

Outdoor events are now huge on the social scene and particularly in terms of major sporting and music venues (festivals, show jumping events and agricultural shows to name a few).

PMN are able to provide a Private GSM Voice, SMS and DATA service to staff and stall holders to allow simple voice, SMS services, Credit Card Transactions (always a problem on carrier networks for temporary venues), event participant monitoring (show jumping, swimming, rowing events) and overall Security and Health and Safety.

Remote Location in a commercial market point to those rural Areas/islands who have little or no communications infrastructure. To the point of almost being cut off from the outside world.

PMN can deploy a Private GSM, UMTS or LTE solution giving the user access to Voice, SMS and DATA services which broadens their life experience between their local communities and also via SIP and backhaul to the wider world.

  • Working with key satellite partners: Inmarsat/Thuraya and others across all bands
  • Cost effective for an operator to provide a localised GSM network
  • Mobile service to islands and isolated rural districts

Private Mobile Network

Replicating a 2G GSM/3G UMTS Network in Software

Portable Rapid Mobile Deployment

Preconfigured and Portable Solution.

Incident Vehicles

PMN have now released their 4G LTE EPC software and its agnostic eNodeB capability.