Warehousing, Manufacturing & Distribution

Warehousing, Manufacturing & Distribution

100% GSM coverage on site


Staff in large warehouse, manufacturing and distribution sites need to reliably communicate wherever they are 24/7.

The PMN Private GSM Voice, SMS and Data network can provide this. Allowing standards based GSM handsets to connect to the network using a PMN Private GSM SIM or a carrier grade manually selected SIM with calls to the outside world via SIP.

The network can cover all areas including gatehouse, delivery, pick up, stores, offices and manufacturing areas allowing seamless roaming on site between picocells. Often connecting to the corporate IP PBX via SIP the system allows all users to communicate in a controlled way via the PMN MSC/BSC.

Experience shows that a PMN Private GSM Network is a strong contender as a DECT replacement alternative.

  • Assists with whereabouts of employees from a Health and Safety standpoint
  • Always be in range of this wireless network with 100% coverage of the site
  • 1 Pico cell will deliver the coverage provided by up to 4 DECT base stations or up to 10 WiFi units
  • Remove the administration and cost of change and replacement of DECT handsets using ruggedized GSM mobile phones
  • Support coverage in areas of moving workplace layout

Private Mobile eXchange

Replicating a 2G GSM/3G UMTS and 4G LTE with Agnostic RAN Integration.

DECT substitution on premise

Quality Voice Communications for People Away from their Desks


Machine 2 Machine using SIM based technologies