IP Backhaul Options for PMN Deployments


Through its channel partners, PMN works with many of the major satellite providers from small B-Gran to large dish deployments.

Satellite backhaul can be used to transfer the IP datastream from the PMN to a point from which it can be distributed over a network. Backhaul solutions are ideal for remote locations where PSTN, mobile or IP access is not readily available. Satellite will most commonly be used with PMN for mobile base station locations for rapid deployment and for small deployments requiring minimal on-site installation.


The Private Mobile Network (PMN) passes traffic as an IP datastream to the network. Fixed IP Backhaul is suitable for permanent PMN deployments where high quality voice backhaul links are required. IP Broadband is ideal for small business, remote office or home user. Quality of Service to ensure telephony quality is required. IP VPNs are suitable for corporate site interconnect and enable the control of bandwidth needed where voice quality over IP is critical.


A gateway can be used to provide access from the IP network to analogue or digital PBXs and networks, including the PSTN and GSM macro network.

  • Suitable for a wide range of deployment options
  • Fully compatible with IP backhaul solutions
  • Vendor independent
  • Flexible Speeds